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Justin currently divides his time between showing in Europe and America and is accepting a very limited number of clients who want to share this experience and bring riding and their horses to the next level. Currently, several clients are leaving their horses in Europe and travel back and forth several times a year to train and show. While away, their horses are cared for, trained and campaigned at a fraction of the costs of America.

Horse shows in Europe are quite different from the U.S. competitions. The venues are often limited in size, therefore the number of horses and riders accepted is also limited. Normal rules are one horse per athlete per class, except for low level and young horse classes. A horse can only be shown one time per day and must qualify to move up throughout the week. Most shows host 3 Longines Ranking classes per week which qualify the rider for the Sunday Grand Prix and garner world world ranking points.

The costs to show in Europe are about 25%-33% of the costs for an "A" rated show in the U.S. This equates to about $250-$500 per week, per horse, which includes the horse's stall, all administration fees and ALL entry fees.

Since you are "invited" to come, you are also treated like a guest, and management will go out of their way to make sure you are happy with everything. Everyone is treated like a V.I.P., including your dog. Dogs are welcome to run freely, while golf carts and motorcycles are not. Remember, Europeans w.a.l.k. Prize money is paid on the spot, not a month or two later, and you will never be asked to leave a blank check or credit card in the office before you show. That would not be respectful of you. Trailer, lorry and car parking is complimentary.

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